About This Product

Introducing a versatile 10,000mAh power bank with a unique twist – solar charging capability, all encased in natural bamboo for a touch of eco-friendliness. This power bank is equipped with a handy LED power gauge, making it easy to keep track of your battery levels.

It offers multiple recharging options, including Micro-B and Type C 5V/2A inputs, along with a 5V/2A USB-A output for efficient charging of your devices. The power bank can be fully recharged in just 4-5 hours via USB or a mains adaptor, and it also features built-in solar panels, allowing for emergency charging when you're on the go.

To enhance the eco-friendly appeal, the power bank is presented in Kraft packaging adorned with Natura branding. For your convenience, it comes complete with a Micro-B USB cable and instructions to ensure a seamless experience.


Product Dimensions

Power Bank: L 155mm x W 74mm x 21mm
Gift Box: H 179mm x W 78mm x 24mm


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SKU 07156321P
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