Price Guarantee

We understand that you want to deal with us and experience the EasyPromo process but we also understand that price plays a big part in purchasing for marketing and bulk order buys.

That's okay!

We monitor our competitors and try to keep our prices low but we are only human and we do miss some of the competition!

If you have found a lower price, don't be shy...

As one of Australia's most popular and streamlined Promotional Products companies, we have the power to make things happen for you!

We just ask that you send through your competitor quote, so we can compare and ensure you are getting the deal you think you are. Our Customer Service team are trained to know what others offer and ensure you aren't going to be surprised with add-on costs after placing an order elsewhere...we don't like surprises when doing business!

Once we have the quote and are confident we can beat the same deal...we can reduce our pricing for your order and offer the same great service you love and trust!