Personalised & Custom Printed Promotional Cooler Bags

Australia's huge range of custom cooler bags custom branded along with your logo. Our cooler bags highlight awesome insulation which is able keep your contents cold or hot for long periods of time. All our cooler bags include a plain zone that's free from any design, graphics and seams, so that your logo can take over in prime position. We carry packs big and small so no matter the sort of occasion you're utilising it for, we will have something for you.

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Add personalised & custom printed cooler bags to your marketing arsenal because they’re the perfect promotional gift. For one, cooler bags on which your logo is printed are a terrific gift to give your customers at business events like tradeshows and corporate picnics. Gifting your customers these bags is a win-win. They add style to your customers’ coolers while improving your brand’s visibility and solidifying its identity.

Spill-Proof Food Storage

Promotional cooler bags provide your customers with a trendy way to preserve and carry foodstuffs. While the cooler’s seal keeps the food fresh for a long time, the bags catch the attention of onlookers and convey your desired message.


Personalised cooler bags are environmentally friendly promotional gifts as they are reusable and durable, making them a fantastic promotional item for socially responsible marketing. Likewise, your socially conscious customers will be happy to receive these bags from you because using the bags allows them to adopt a practice that is consistent with their concern for the environment. 


You get excellent deals on custom printed cooler bags when you buy them in bulk. These affordable yet effective promotional gifts improve your relationship with your customers and enhance customer retention.


Personalised & custom printed cooler bags come in various designs, colours and sizes to match your customers’ diverse needs. You may also want to vary the size, colour or design you give your customers depending on how you expect them to use the bags. For example, the cooler bags for a small family outing may be smaller than the ones for a large party.

The Ideal Promotional Item

Personalised & custom printed cooler bags are the perfect promotional item because of the large customizable printable area of these items as well as being highly visible. Numerous colour combinations are available, so the bags can be a trendy accessory that appeals to a vast audience. They’re also an environmentally friendly gift that allows your customers to make a positive difference.