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The good old polo shirt. Never gets old and always popular for embroidered uniform shirts and printed promotional polo's. With a huge range of materials, price points and colours, this can get tricky! If you aren't sure what you are after, feel free to browse our extensive gallery or get in contact with one of our friendly EasyPromo staff by emailing or giving us a call!

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Whether you are interested in custom printed or embroidered polo shirts, or promotional polo shirts, we have a wide variety to choose from. Opt for an embroidered look to create professional uniforms so customers and clients can easily identify members of your team. Or choose custom printing if you want to create promotional polo shirts to give away at trade shows, social events, and exhibitions. Promotional polo shirts are an excellent way to build your brand so clients and potential customers associate the look with your business. 

There is no better way to advertise your brand than with a custom promotional polo shirt. Promotional polo shirts are an affordable way to market your business, whether you are buying team uniforms for the workplace or promo shirts for your promotional team to wear while they're handing out flyers on the street. 

Custom Printed Promotional Polo Shirts 

We have a wide range of styles and colours to choose from, whether you're looking for office polo shirts, workwear, or promotional items. We offer a little something for businesses of any size and in any industry. Whether you have a field team who visits customers' homes or own a retail shop with a customer-facing team, a promotional polo shirt is a sure way to build your brand. 

Order quantities depend on the type of shirt you choose. While we have a wide range of promotional polo shirts, you can order a minimum batch of twenty custom polo shirts if you choose the Inertia range. But our minimum order quantity for the summer polo is just ten. All you need to do is choose the perfect style of polo shirt, select the colour that suits your brand and logo, and we will provide you with a quote. If you are interested in ordering any of our promotional products, reach out to speak to a member of the Easy Promo team.