Wireless Charging Stations

A promotional wireless charging station will charge your devices as soon as they are placed on top of it. These branded wireless chargers can be connected to any power source using an AC adapter or USB cable. This product is ideal for restaurants, hotels, coffee shops or anywhere else where people might not have access to electricity!

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You don't need to work in tech to take your marketing campaign in a new direction. Promotional wireless charging stations are sleek and a slick move to brand and market businesses of any size. There is a range of products to choose from, whether you prefer round wireless chargers, charging stands, radiant wireless chargers, apollo wireless chargers, inductive charging pads, and more.

Promotional Wireless Charging Stations

If you frequently visit trade shows, conferences, or events, then creating a cordless charging station can be a real winner. You can use a wireless charger docking station to attract people to your booth – they can charge their devices and you can discuss your products or services with a crowd.

A magnetic charging station is sure to attract attention, but you can also take this opportunity to give away wireless chargers. It isn't the cheapest giveaway item, however, so you might want to use it as a premium gift for loyal customers, new clients or even for high-performing employees. In fact, you might want to opt for a multi device wireless charging station so you meet the demand your wireless phone charging station is sure to invite.

It's a slick way to reward someone while also giving away promotional wireless charging stations that advertise your business. Every time someone places their device on your wireless charger with logo they will see your brand information and positively associate it with convenience. There are a variety of wireless charging brands available, as well as different styles and designs available.

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From flat charging stations to wireless charging docks, forward-thinking companies need to find new ways to win people over. Stocking every office with phone charger pads builds team morale. Placing induction chargers in convenient areas for customers is a way to increase shopping times. A fast charger stand at a trade show will keep your booth busy. 

Whether you want to invest in charging mats, flat phone chargers or bamboo wireless chargers, we stock a wide range of charging station pads for savvy businesses looking to brand cordless chargers. Contact Easy Promo if you want to invest in flat wireless chargers for trade shows, the office, or giveaways. Personalized wireless phone chargers are also effective Air pod chargers, which makes them a great gift.