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Printed jackets, embroidered jackets, jackets with an engraved suede many options! As health and safety becomes more important, staff are expected to be supplied uniforms that accomodate all seasons throughout the year. Buy your team some high quality jackets that can be used as branded uniforms and after hours to promote your business! These are an item that you can afford to spend a little bit more money on, to know they will be used time and time again!

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Branding is a key aspect of building a successful business. Whether you have an outdoor sales team, employees who go door-to-door or people making house calls, consistent branding will be vital to customer loyalty. Custom printed promotional jackets are an excellent way to extend your brand. By providing your entire team with promotion products, such as custom jackets, t-shirts, fleeces, and more you can solidify your brand image. When your team wears their promotional jackets to and from the workplace and out and about, everyone sees your company logo and information. It's the most affordable walking billboard you will find. 

Our lightweight puffer jacket is 10% feather padding and 90% down to provide plenty of warmth. It features a high collar and full zip front, as well as zippered pockets for hand warming. It's perfect for your outdoor team. It's also a great corporate gift for your most loyal clients. The best promo products are the useful ones people can use time and time again. 

Custom Printed Promotional Jackets 

A softshell jacket is waterproof and wind-resistant, whether your team works outdoors all the time or some of the time. It's lightweight enough for all-weather and is ideal for your field team. In addition to women's or men's softshell jackets or puffers, we also stock a unisex vest. We are proud to highlight that our promotional jackets have a low minimum order of just five, so even the smallest businesses can benefit from these promotional items. 

If you are interested in custom-printed promotional jackets or any of our other personalised promotional products, you can reach out to a member of the Easy Promo team to discuss your options. We are happy to provide you with a quote or even offer advice about which items might work best for your business or budget.