Personalised Pencils

Personalise your pencils with any message or logo! We can print your company name, slogan, website address, phone number or email address on our range of high quality pencils. Our prices are very competitive, check the options out below or contact us now.

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If you are considering ordering a range of promotional pencils, then make sure they are custom-printed branded pencils. No matter your industry - education, design and architecture, engineering, accountancy, or beyond; personalised pencils are great for advertising your business and spreading brand awareness. Whether you want to focus on an eco-friendly style or a more modern look, personalised pencils are an ideal giveaway item. They're lightweight and affordable, and don't have a shelf life, so you can order large volumes and easily store them in bulk.        

A standard printed pencil is perhaps the most common and popular option because it's a basic item that people use daily; people often pick them up and take them with them, whether they mean to or not. The more often people do this, the more frequently your brand name and information are being seen. For nurseries, gift shops, schools, and even restaurants that offer activity packs for kids, personalised coloured pencils are a great way to get your business name out there. 

Custom Printed Promotional Pencils 

Logo branded custom pencils are a simple, high-quality promotional product to get your business name and information out there. Whether you want to pass out mechanical pencils at trade shows or carpenters' pencils in the office, promotional items like personalised pencils tend to get around. No pencil case is complete without assorted colour pencils, and why shouldn't some of those feature your company name and logo?   

If you are interested in digital print pencil sets, pencil sharpeners, a pencil with eraser, printed pencils, or pad printing, reach out to our customer service team to receive a quote for your personalised marketing products.