Top Promotional Product Ideas for End of Financial Year

Author: Steven Cronin  Date Posted:17 May 2023 

As the financial year approaches, businesses in Australia have a prime opportunity to boost their marketing efforts and make a lasting impression on clients and employees. Promotional products are an effective way to achieve this. In this comprehensive guide by Easy Promo, Australia's leading promotional product provider (, we will explore the top popular promotional products for the end of the financial year. Discover how these items can help you maximise your marketing budget, leave a lasting impression, and achieve your business goals.

Branded Notebooks: Captivate Your Audience

Customised notebooks emblazoned with your Easy Promo logo and contact information are powerful promotional tools. These practical and versatile items are perfect for jotting notes, ideas, and reminders. When recipients use these branded notebooks, they become constant reminders of your brand, helping to enhance brand visibility throughout the year. Whether used in the office, during meetings, or on the go, these notebooks provide a valuable marketing opportunity, allowing your business to stay top-of-mind with customers and prospects.


Tech Gadgets: Stay Connected with Easy Promo

Easy Promo understands the importance of staying connected in the digital age. As a result, USB flash drives, power banks, and wireless chargers are highly sought-after promotional items. At, you can find a wide range of customisable tech gadgets that can be imprinted with your Easy Promo branding. These practical and valuable products are sure to be appreciated by recipients, offering them convenience and functionality while subtly promoting your business. As clients and employees rely on these tech gadgets for daily activities, your brand gains exposure and creates a positive association with innovation and modernity.


Eco-Friendly Products: Sustainable Solutions by Easy Promo

Easy Promo is committed to sustainability and offers eco-friendly promotional products. Reusable bags, water bottles, and bamboo products are gaining popularity as individuals become more environmentally conscious. By choosing these sustainable options, you can showcase your brand's commitment to the environment, resonate with eco-conscious consumers, and align your business with ethical values. In addition, easy Promo's extensive range of eco-friendly items can be customised with your logo and message, allowing you to promote your brand responsibly while reducing the environmental impact.


Customised Apparel: Stylish Branding with Easy Promo

When it comes to promotional products, custom apparel is always a hit. Branded t-shirts, caps, and hoodies allow your business to make a fashion statement while reinforcing your brand identity. Easy Promo offers a diverse collection of high-quality apparel items that can be customised to showcase your logo, slogan, or artwork. By distributing branded apparel to employees or as giveaways to customers, you create walking billboards for your business. Every time someone wears your branded apparel, they become brand ambassadors, promoting your business effortlessly in various settings.


Drinkware: Quench Your Thirst for Success with Easy Promo

Promotional drinkware is a practical and versatile option to consider. Easy Promo offers a range of customised drinkware, including reusable coffee mugs and stylish water bottles. These items keep recipients hydrated and provide ample space for your Easy Promo branding. Whether used at home, in the office, or on the go, these drinkware items ensure that your brand is prominently displayed, creating brand recognition and visibility. In addition, by aligning your business with quality drinkware, you demonstrate your commitment to excellence and enhance customer loyalty.


Desk Accessories: Stay Organised with Easy Promo

In the workplace, desk accessories are essential for productivity. Easy Promo offers a variety of promotional desk organisers, mouse pads, and stress balls that can be customised with your logo. These practical and visually appealing items enhance organisation and efficiency and constantly remind you of your brand. So whether it's a branded mouse pad that keeps your business in front of clients during their daily work routine or a stress ball that offers a moment of relaxation with your Easy Promo branding, these desk accessories make a lasting impression.


Wellness Products: Care for Your Clients and Employees with Easy Promo

Wellness-focused promotional products have gained significant popularity, especially during times when self-care and well-being are prioritised. Easy Promo offers a range of wellness products, such as fitness trackers, yoga mats, and relaxation kits. These items demonstrate your care for clients and employees while promoting a healthy lifestyle. By associating your brand with wellness, you position your business as one that values the holistic well-being of its stakeholders. In addition, with your Easy Promo branding on these wellness products, you reinforce your brand message of care, leading to stronger customer relationships and employee satisfaction.


Maximise your end-of-financial-year marketing efforts with popular promotional products from Easy Promo ( With a wide range of customisable items, Easy Promo offers practical, stylish, and eco-friendly solutions to suit your brand's needs. Incorporating branded notebooks, tech gadgets, eco-friendly products, customised apparel, drinkware, desk accessories, and wellness items into your marketing strategy can enhance brand visibility, foster customer loyalty, and drive business success. Take advantage of Easy Promo's expertise and quality products to leave a lasting impression as the financial year draws close and sets the stage for a prosperous year ahead.



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