Top 10 Most Searched Customised Products of the Financial Year 2022-2023

Author: Steven Cronin  Date Posted:24 July 2023 

As the financial year 2022-2023 approaches, we look back at the top 10 most searched branded and promotional products that captured the hearts of businesses and customers alike. These versatile items, customised with logos, proved to be highly effective in promoting brands, leaving a lasting impression on recipients. Let's delve into each product and explore why they were the most sought-after promotional items between July 2022 and June 2023.


Customised Tape Measures

Branded tape measures proved to be an invaluable tool for various industries. Whether it's a construction company, DIY enthusiasts, or interior designers, these customised tape measures have become a practical and functional choice for promoting businesses. With your logo prominently displayed, clients will think of your brand whenever they reach for this handy item.


The versatility of tape measures lies in their frequent usage in everyday tasks. Whether someone is measuring for home renovations, assessing dimensions for furniture, or planning a construction project, the presence of a customised tape measure bearing your client's logo ensures consistent brand exposure. Moreover, these branded tape measures are often durable and long-lasting, which means they serve as a continuous advertising platform for your clients, making them a wise investment in their marketing strategy.


Personalised Backpacks

Customised backpacks saw a surge in popularity as businesses recognised the widespread appeal of this versatile product. Ideal for students, commuters, and travellers, branded backpacks provide ample space to showcase logos while ensuring high visibility for your brand on the move.

The popularity of personalised backpacks can be attributed to their usefulness in various scenarios. Students appreciated these customised bags as they carried their books and supplies, becoming walking billboards for educational institutions. Commuters and travellers found them ideal for storing essentials during their daily journeys or vacations, further spreading brand exposure across different locations.


The customisation options for backpacks are vast, allowing businesses to align the bag's design with their brand identity. Whether it's a corporate logo, a school emblem, or an eye-catching graphic, personalised backpacks make a statement and connect with the intended audience on a personal level.


Branded Luggage Tags

Luggage tags became a go-to promotional product for travel agencies and holiday-centric businesses. When custom printing with your logo, these tags serve as a constant reminder of your brand as customers jet-set around the globe.


In the competitive travel industry, providing customers with customised luggage tags demonstrated thoughtfulness and attention to detail. These branded tags not only helped travellers identify their bags easily, but they also became an extension of their travel experiences.


Furthermore, luggage tags often exchanged hands among family and friends who borrowed suitcases for their own trips. This extended reach amplified the exposure of the branded luggage tags, making them a valuable asset for businesses seeking to reach a wider audience beyond their immediate customers.


Custom Caps

Promotional caps became fashion-forward advertising tools, and it's no surprise they ranked high in search trends. From sports events to corporate outings, branded caps offer a fashionable way to promote your clients' brands under the sun.


The allure of custom caps lies in their functionality and style. With an extensive range of designs, materials, and colours, businesses had the freedom to create caps that resonated with their target audience.


Sports events provided an excellent opportunity for businesses to distribute these branded caps. Whether it was a marathon, a local sports team's game, or a charity event, participants and spectators alike embraced these caps with enthusiasm, wearing them long after the event had concluded.


For corporate outings and team-building activities, personalised caps fostered a sense of unity among employees while showcasing the company's brand identity. Additionally, caps served as effective giveaways during marketing events, trade shows, and product launches, amplifying brand visibility and recognition.


Personalised Bucket Hats

Bucket hats took over as a trendy promotional accessory during the sunny seasons. Their wide brims provided ample space for customisation, making them a highly visible branding item for outdoor events and beach outings.


Bucket hats' popularity surged as people sought stylish yet practical sun protection. Adding an embroidered logo to these hats became a staple for beachgoers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those attending music festivals and community gatherings.


The appeal of bucket hats extended beyond traditional use, with fashion-conscious individuals embracing them as a wardrobe staple. As they ventured out in the sun, these trendsetters proudly showcased brands, inadvertently acting as brand ambassadors.


As a result, businesses found that personalised bucket hats effectively reached diverse demographics, from families enjoying picnics in the park to the fashion-forward youth embracing the latest trends. The versatility of these customised hats allowed businesses to tap into multiple market segments simultaneously.


Custom Hard Hats

Industries prioritising safety found customised hard hats to be an ingenious way of showcasing their logos while adhering to safety regulations. Branded hard hats kept workers safe while promoting the company at construction sites, infrastructure projects, and more.


For construction and industrial businesses, the safety of their workforce was paramount. By offering hard hats customised with logos, these companies demonstrated their commitment to both safety and brand representation.


Hard hats served as mobile advertisements at construction sites and infrastructure projects, reaching not only the workers but also passersby and visitors. The visibility and recognition they garnered allowed businesses to establish trust and authority within their respective industries.


Moreover, custom hard hats presented opportunities for collaboration and networking. For construction companies working on large-scale projects, subcontractors and clients could easily identify the responsible parties through the custom branding on the hard hats, fostering a cohesive and professional work environment.


Branded Socks

Socks may seem like an unusual choice, but they turned heads when customised with logos. These walking billboards made a statement at corporate events and added a touch of creativity to marketing campaigns.


The quirkiness and uniqueness of customised socks contributed to their search popularity. Businesses realised that by incorporating their logos into creative sock designs, they could spark conversations and engage with their target audience in a playful manner.


Custom socks became a hit at corporate events and team-building activities. As employees donned branded socks with pride, they strengthened their connection to the company's culture and mission. This sense of camaraderie boosted team spirit and productivity.


Furthermore, branded socks are made for distinctive giveaways and prizes during marketing campaigns. Whether it was a social media contest, a customer loyalty program, or a brand activation event, these custom socks stood out and encouraged brand interaction.


Personalised Aprons

The culinary and hospitality industries embraced customised aprons as an effective way to enhance brand recognition. These walking advertisements brought a professional touch to restaurant staff while leaving a lasting impression on diners.


Aprons provided a blank canvas for businesses to showcase their brand identity creatively. By adding logos, company names, and eye-catching designs, restaurants, bakeries, and culinary schools transformed ordinary aprons into branded assets.


For restaurant staff, wearing customised aprons infused a sense of pride in their work. As they interacted with customers, they inadvertently promoted the establishment and left a lasting impression that extended beyond the dining experience.


The hospitality industry saw a rise in food-related events and culinary workshops. As chefs and attendees donned branded aprons during these events, they created a cohesive and professional ambience while elevating brand visibility.


Custom Sunscreen

Promotional sunscreen offers a practical and health-conscious approach to branding. Whether at the beach, sports events, or outdoor festivals, personalised sunscreen bottles protect customers from harmful rays while showcasing your clients' logos.


The rising awareness of sun protection and skincare led to the increased popularity of customised sunscreen. As consumers became more conscious of the importance of UV protection, businesses capitalised on the opportunity to promote their brands in a meaningful and caring way.


Beach resorts and outdoor event organisers found custom sunscreen to be a valuable giveaway, emphasising their commitment to their patrons' well-being. These branded sunscreen bottles accompanied customers on their beach vacations and outdoor escapades, creating a lasting impression that resonated positively with their brand image.


Custom sunscreen also found its way into sports events, family gatherings, and summer festivals. As customers applied the sunscreen, they were reminded of the thoughtful gesture and the brand's message of care and safety.


Branded Umbrellas

Rain or shine, customised umbrellas emerged as a popular promotional choice. Their large canopy provided ample space for logo printing, making them a hit at rainy outdoor events and a practical accessory in everyday life.


Custom umbrellas' utility extended far beyond protection from the rain. As an all-season accessory, businesses recognised the potential of these large canopies to act as walking billboards for their clients.


Rainy outdoor events and festivals presented opportunities for businesses to distribute branded umbrellas. As attendees used these umbrellas to shield themselves from the rain, they unwittingly promoted the brand, leading to increased visibility in crowded and public spaces.

Moreover, the usefulness of custom umbrellas during the sunny months contributed to their search popularity. As individuals carried them for shade and protection against harmful UV rays, they showcased the brand to a broader audience, creating a lasting impact.


The financial year 2022-2023 saw a remarkable surge in the popularity of customised promotional products. Businesses across diverse industries capitalised on the opportunity to leverage these sought-after items to increase brand visibility, foster customer loyalty, and stand out in the market.

From functional tools like customised tape measures and backpacks to fashion-forward accessories like branded caps and bucket hats, each product on the list offered unique advantages in the realm of promotional marketing. Custom branding transformed ordinary items into powerful assets, with businesses reaping the rewards of increased brand recognition and engagement.


In conclusion, the success of these customised products demonstrates the potential of promotional marketing to create a lasting impact on target audiences. As we look forward to the next financial year, it's evident that businesses will continue to embrace these customised items as integral components of their marketing strategies, making them an essential investment for brand growth and success.

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