History of Promotional Products

Author: Kathleen Mae Alaan  Date Posted:18 January 2024 

Have you ever wondered where do promotional products come from? Or who started to use promotional products to introduce their business? In this blog, we will  going to explore the history and amazing facts of promotional products.

The Pioneer of Promotional Products

A guy named Jasper Meek, who worked with newspapers and printing in Ohio, is known as the "father of promotional products." Back in the late 1800s, he had a smart idea. He started giving out cool bags to local schools. Why? Well, it was a clever way to tell people about his newspaper and also keep the printing machines busy when things were slow. Other people liked his idea, and soon many others started using products to promote their businesses. This made more companies start making promotional products.

The Story of Promotional Products in Australia

In 1986, a group called the Australian Promotional Products Association (APPA) started, and in 1988, it officially became a thing. APPA has an important job. They want to make advertising better by focusing on promotional products and marketing. They're like the protectors of good business practices, making sure things are good not only in the business world but also for everyone else.

Why Do People Use Promotional Products?

Promotional products are things with a company's logo or message that are given out to promote the brand, products, or services. There are lots of reasons why companies like using them:

  1. More People See the Brand: Promotional products are real things that help people remember a brand. Things like pens, mugs, and T-shirts with a company logo make sure the brand is always in people's minds.

  2. Cheaper Way to Advertise: Compared to traditional advertising methods such as TV or radio commercials, promotional products often offer a more cost-effective way to reach a wide audience. It costs less to get people's attention, especially if the things with logos last a long time.

  3. Keeps Customers Happy: Giving away promotional products makes customers feel happy and loyal to a brand. Thus, it creates a positive association with the brand, and customers may be more likely to choose a brand they are familiar with and have received something from.

  4. Makes Employees Happy: Companies also use promotional products to make their employees happy and excited about work. Things like cool clothes, bags, or office stuff with the company logo make employees proud to be part of the team.

 Using promotional products is a good idea for businesses, but they need to pick things that match their brand and the people they want to reach. Also, making sure the things are good quality is super important for success.




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