Enhancing Your Brand with Promotional Merchandise

Author: Steven Cronin  Date Posted:14 July 2023 

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At EasyPromo.com.au, we understand the power of gifts and promotional merchandise in creating a lasting impression. Everyone appreciates receiving a thoughtful item that triggers positive emotions and makes them feel valued. That's why we specialise in helping businesses like yours promote their brand through personalised gifts and promotional products. By leveraging the recall power of branded merchandise, you can leave a lasting impact on your target audience, far beyond the reach of traditional business cards or flyers that often end up discarded.


Promotional merchandise holds tremendous potential to reinforce positive responses, shape brand perception, and leave a lasting impression on your clients, customers, and business associates. Whether it's a pen, a t-shirt, a drink bottle, or even the bag that carries your merchandise, every item serves as a vehicle to enhance your brand image. However, it's crucial to consider the psychology of marketing and how recipients perceive and utilise your merchandise. While a plain pen with your contact information may serve its purpose, creating a profound and positive brand impression requires careful consideration of how the merchandise will be used and integrated into the recipient's daily life. By tapping into the psychology of marketing, you can create a subconscious association between your brand and a positive experience, leading to increased brand awareness and favorability.


What sets apart successful promotional merchandise?

To create a successful promotional product, it must engage all five senses and either provide enjoyment or solve a practical problem in the recipient's life. An unremarkable item is likely to be forgotten or tucked away, while a visually appealing and enjoyable product will be repeatedly used and cherished. Although users may not consciously choose to associate your brand with the merchandise, the repeated positive experiences will foster a subconscious connection between your brand and their satisfaction. These repetitive brand impressions pave the way for enhanced brand recall, leading to positive recognition and increased brand affinity in various aspects of their daily lives.


You may have experienced this yourself, recognising a company's logo or name from a pen you've used or a stress ball you received at a corporate event. Although you didn't actively choose to remember the company, the memory of the product became intertwined with the brand it represents. This showcases the immense power of branded merchandise in forging strong associations and leaving a lasting impact.


Leveraging the Psychology of Marketing: The Power of a Red Mug

Colour plays a fascinating role in shaping our perception of products. A 2014 study by BioMed Central delved into the psychology of marketing and revealed that the colour of a mug could affect the perceived taste of coffee. Stronger colours tended to make the coffee taste stronger or sweeter compared to transparent mugs. Similarly, studies showed that red mugs enhanced the perceived warmth of coffee, unlike cooler colours such as blue or white.


Consider your favourite mug and the reasons you prefer it over others in your cupboard. The colour, the way it feels in your hand, and the images adorning it not only appeal to your aesthetic senses but also influence your enjoyment of the beverage. By utilising branded mugs as part of your merchandise strategy, you can subconsciously evoke positive responses and associations with the comfort and taste of a good cup of coffee. With each use, your brand leaves a lasting impression and further strengthens the positive connection.


The tactile experience of holding a mug is equally crucial to consider. The warmth of the beverage on a chilly day and the way the mug fits perfectly in your hand contribute to a pleasurable experience. As Steven Cronin, Account Manager at EasyPromo, explains, "Branded mugs have consistently ranked among the top choices for corporate merchandise. We offer a wide range of mugs, reusable coffee cups, and glassware in different sizes, shapes, colours, and handle types, allowing our clients to align the merchandise with their desired brand image. We collaborate with our clients to ensure that the branding integrates seamlessly into the design, enhancing its perceived value and ensuring long-term retention by the recipient."


Engaging the Five Senses through Merchandise

When selecting merchandise to promote your business, it's crucial to consider how the subconscious perception of your brand will be influenced by its appearance, sound, taste, smell, and feel.


Wearable merchandise, such as shirts, must be comfortable and appealing enough for customers to continue wearing them casually. Even pens need to provide a comfortable grip and durability to withstand extended use. A pen that breaks after a couple of uses will be discarded, missing out on the opportunity to create repetitive brand impressions. The sound of a pen click can also influence the perceived quality and, by extension, the impression of your brand.


Visual appeal is paramount. Opt for strong colours and recognisable branding to keep your brand uncluttered and easily identifiable. A logo isn't always necessary; many companies associate specific items, mascots, images, or colours with their brand. For example, banks like CommBank, NAB and ING have specific shades of yellows, reds and oranges that have become inseparable from their brand, in addition to their logos and mascots. Similarly, Zarraffa's simple giraffe mascot is immediately recognisable and linked to the flavour and convenience of their coffee. in Australia.


Smell and taste present unique challenges when it comes to merchandise. If you choose branded sweets or chocolate, ensure you request a sample and personally taste-test it to guarantee a positive subconscious brand message. By associating your brand with printed products like mugs, lunchboxes, glasses, and even aprons, you can create an experience where the taste and sensation of the food or drink become synonymous with your brand. Additionally, a car air freshener carrying a fragrance that aligns with your brand's essence and evokes distinct emotions can have a profound impact, silently conveying a message to the recipient each time they enter their vehicle.


Embedding Merchandise into Your Brand Strategy

Placing your logo on promotional merchandise is a powerful way to introduce your brand into the homes and minds of your clients. However, selecting the right type of merchandise and considering factors such as colours, shapes, and sensory associations can significantly enhance the perception of your brand. We recommend incorporating a branded promotional products section into your brand guidelines, clearly defining your goals and objectives related to sensory responses. By treating promotional merchandise as successful brand ambassadors, you can continually remind your target audience of your presence and value.


At EasyPromo, we are passionate about helping businesses like yours harness the potential of promotional merchandise. By understanding the psychology of marketing and leveraging the power of sensory experiences, we ensure that every item we offer serves as a powerful tool in enhancing your brand image and leaving a lasting positive impression on your audience. Let us assist you in creating a memorable brand experience with our wide range of promotional products tailored to your unique needs.


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