Decorating Metal Promotional Products with EasyPromo

Author: EasyPromo  Date Posted:5 May 2022 

Learning how to decorate metal promotional products Read our blog to find out which decoration method will work best for your logo and chosen product!

We’re going to look at the different decoration options available on metal products!

What is the best decoration method for metal products and why people choose Laser Engraving or Print depending on their logo and desired outcome?

Most metal products will offer the below decoration options which will be shown on each product page on our website.

Laser Engraving will always be a preferred option from a production perspective and longevity of your branding. Laser engraving etches your logo, slogan or design into the metal surface of the product. This means it’s permanent and will last the lifetime of the metal product you have chosen. Whether that be a pen, water bottle or maybe a keyring.

The only negative we can think of with laser engraving is the fact that it may not suit all logos. If your graphic designer hasn’t thought about a mono logo (1 colour), this may be an issue as we can’t produce colours when laser engraving. This is when you would have to explore solid colour print or full colour print options.

Solid colour prints, use various methods of ink printing to get a final result that represents your logo on the product you have chosen. To match your logo colours to your branding guidelines, your EasyPromo Account Manager may ask you for your "Style Guide" or your Pantone or PMS (Pantone Matching System) colours.

This method won’t always work or may not be cost effective, if you have lots of colours in your logo. You would be better off choosing a full colour print if your logo has gradients or photographic-like graphics. Keep in mind that this decoration method sits on top of the metal product, so can chip or fade over time, unlike laser engraving.

Full colour print is similar to solid colour prints as far as sitting on top of the product and not being etched like laser engraving. It uses a different print method to create beautiful full colour imagery and allows for unlimited colours, gradients and images. If your logo has heaps of colour, colours blending into each other or rainbow graphics, this will be the best option for you. Keep in mind this decoration can also chip or fade over time.

If you want to know more about decoration options for all our products. Check our Decoration Options Blog HERE

If you still have questions or concerns about making this decision on your own, remember our knowledgeable EasyPromo Account Managers will be more than happy to help! It's our job to make this process EASY! Simply email us at or give us a call on 1300 3-2-EASY. (1300 32 32 79)

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