Which Promo Products Are Popular for Christmas Gifts?

The holiday season is approaching, and businesses in Australia are gearing up to show appreciation to their customers and staff. One of the most effective ways to spread festive cheer and promote your brand is by giving away custom-branded Christmas gifts.


Before we go further into these fantastic Christmas gift ideas, it's essential to consider the timing. As the end of the year approaches, the holiday season can be hectic, with plenty to organise. The promotional products industry typically slows down during Christmas and early January. We recommended starting the order process as soon as possible to ensure you get your merchandise in time. You also have the option to get invoiced before the year ends and receive the final goods in the new year, which is a popular choice for those with leftover marketing budgets.


Why is merchandise a great end-of-year marketing idea?

  • Merchandise can be scaled to meet big and small budgets, making it flexible for businesses of all sizes.
  • You can utilise your leftover budget now and reap the benefits in the future.
  • It's an expected time for gifting and allows you to wow your clients and stand out from your competitors.
  • Many people make changes and new purchasing decisions in the New Year, so brand awareness at this time is critical, which promotional merchandise excels at.
  • They help to maintain customer loyalty and are tangible items that can be held, used, and seen.

Most effective promotional Products include employee rewards, gifts for clients or employees, planning for future events, mail-out campaign products, new uniforms or gear for your team, daily business operations, awareness giveaways, and fundraisers.


As you plan for your Christmas gifts and merchandise, you will want to know some general cutoff dates to receive goods by the end of the year. Please note that these dates are to be used as a general guide, and you should speak with us for estimated production times for your specific situation. These dates may vary depending on the product selected and production schedules:

  • Standard cutoff time for ordering: December 5th
  • To get invoiced before the end of the year: December 22nd
  • Limited express product delivered before Christmas: December 15th

At EasyPromo, we've curated a list of seven must-have promotional products that are ideal for bulk orders and perfect for businesses looking to leave a lasting impression this Christmas.


1. Custom-Printed Tote Bags

Tote bags are versatile, eco-friendly, and make excellent gifts. At EasyPromo, you can customise these bags with your logo or a festive design, making them a practical and stylish gift for employees or clients.


2. Branded Water Bottles

In the Australian summer, staying hydrated is essential. Branded water bottles with your company logo will keep your brand top of mind while helping people beat the heat.


3. Personalised Desk Calendars

Desk calendars are a handy gift that keeps your brand in front of your clients and employees throughout the year. Customising them with a Christmas theme adds a personal touch.


4. Festive Stress Balls

Stress balls are always appreciated, and they're even more valuable during the hectic holiday season. Choose these Christmas-themed stress balls to relieve tension and promote your brand.


5. Promotional Coffee Mugs

Custom coffee mugs are a classic gift that will be used daily. They are perfect for adding a festive touch, whether it's with a holiday message or a seasonal design.


6. Custom-Branded Umbrellas

Replace logo-branded USB drives with custom-branded umbrellas. These practical gifts will keep your clients and employees dry during the summer rain and can be personalised with your logo.


7. Custom-Branded Beach Towels

Australian Christmases often involve beach trips, and a branded beach towel is a practical and stylish gift for your clients and employees.


In summary, whether you need some last-minute Christmas gifts or want to utilise that leftover marketing budget, ordering is still possible before the New Year arrives. However, keep in mind that production schedules can fill up quickly, and freight may be less efficient around this time of the year, so it's always better to get in early to avoid any last-minute rushes.

Please speak with a team member at EasyPromo today to get the ball rolling on finishing the year with memorable merch!


Make this holiday season memorable and promote your business in style with EasyPromo's extensive range of promotional products. Visit www.easypromo.com.au and explore these fantastic promotional products for your Christmas gifting needs.