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Experience the exquisite Australian Place Candle collection, drawing inspiration from cherished memories across Australia. Crafted from pure soy wax, these candles offer an impressive 50-hour burn time. Embrace sustainability as our candle jars are designed for reusability. After enjoying the soothing glow, effortlessly repurpose the jar as a stylish drinking cup. Meticulously crafted from resilient borosilicate glass, it can accommodate both hot and cold beverages, boasting a generous 350ml capacity. Indulge in the essence of Australia while making eco-friendly choices with our versatile and enchanting candle range.

• Fitzroy: Spiced Chai (Orange Jar – 157C)
• Kakadu: Eucalyptus & Patchouli (Green Jar – 556C)
• Sovereign Hill: Vanilla Caramel (Pink Jar – 698C)
• Melbourne: Chocolate Espresso (Grey Jar – 428 C)
• Palm Cove: Coconut Milk & Saffron (White Jar)


Product Dimensions

97mm H x 78mm in diameter (widest part)


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SKU 05002HI
Brand I